10 Tips for Starting University

10 Tips for Starting University by C. Whiteman (Sheffield University’s Mathematics and French Student)


Draw up a milk list and a bin rota.

There is nothing worse than wanting to throw your rubbish away and having to balance it on top of the already overflowing bin. At the beginning of the year, write a rota giving everyone a week for bin duty. It works wonders!


Make use of your personal tutor.

They are a great source of advice and will always be h appy to help you. You can go to them with all sorts of problems, not necessarily lecture -related.



Keep a rough note of how much you’re spending.

Often you do not realise how much you’re spending until you see it written down in front of you, or you check your bank account and have a very unpleasant surprise. Whilst in the first month or so you’ll have a few big spends, joining societies, buying books etc., after a while it should level out. If you keep track, it’s easy to see if you’re overspending.


Be open-minded.

University will offer you a multitude of new opportunities, many of which you may never even have heard of. Try and take as many opportunities as you can, you’re only a student once.


Use your student discount!

Studentbeans.com is a wonderful place.


Look around your union.

The student union is the hub of all student activity and will offer a massive range of services and help. Society queries, money problems and job vacancies – these are some of the services usually available at a student union.


Block distracting websites if you have deadlines.

Whilst using parental controls on yourself may sound utterly ridiculous, it actually proves very effective when trying to knuckle down and work. Only when you physically block your access to distracting websites like YouTube and Twitter, do you realise how often you end up there when you’re supposed to be working! I’m telling you, parental controls are the way forward.


Explore the city.

Whilst some students stay in their home city for university, the majority take the chance to flee the nest. It is very easy to stay in the ‘university bubble’ which sees you at your flat, the lecture halls, and the bars and clubs; you should take the opportunity to discover the city.


Shop in markets.

You will never again be able to bring yourself to buy your meat from supermarkets once you realise how much cheaper it is in the market. Even if the market is a slightly further away, your bank balance will thank you.


Get a railcard.

1/3 off of train tickets. Need I say more?

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