12 year old blogger and entrepreneur Ife Obasa inspires others

I am Ifeoluwa Obasa~A.K.A~Ife.

I am 12 years old!

I am very creative and dynamic, I have so many different attributes.

I love to give people advice and push them further. I am also a website director, which means I have my own website.

I have a great skill, I am able to come up with creative ideas and apply them in my daily life.

I am very creative and that is what makes me enjoy Drama. I love performing and acting on stage. It is all about me!

I am very open to anything. Take every opportunity you can grab.

ACESAspire: Who inspired you to start your website?

My inspirations are a number of special people.

First person I would say made me believe I could make a website was God. I was able to push myself on and even when I knew I couldn’t physically do my website I had a helping hand from God.

Second were my friends, they played a big role they put me out there and showed me that people could really learn from ideas. Not only did they push me forward they also contributed a lot to help build a website because they saw the talent in me!

My parents also inspired me, they would always support any ideas I had and go with it. They had always told me I was talented and to me that means a lot.

ACESAspire: Why did you start Ifylove56?

It took me a long to me to realise that one of my gifts is to help people and give advice.
I had a friend called Eleana, she also had a website. She would go on and on about how I should have my own. Then I figured after all the constant nagging, I should make a website. When I had found my aim and purpose, I began searching.
In a few words, my website was started by a constant nag of my friends. But that made me realise you could help or change someone through the message you give them.

ACESAspire: What is Ifylove56.co.uk about?

This website is for kids to brainstorm about any business ideas they may have and receive the latest news around the world.
If you think you have what it takes to make a business idea or unsure on how to go about it, my website is the place to brainstorm with other young people.
It is not only about brainstorming about business ideas, you can also start up discussions or any problems you have.
My website is designed for kids to feel like they own it!

ACESAspire: What do I hope to achieve?

What I would like to achieve is to have lots of kids coming together and discussing business ideas as well as everyday matters.
I would also like for kids my age or older/younger to understand life is about enjoyment and if they have something stopping them from enjoying their lives, they can speak on my website.

Most importantly, I would like to keep my website going for as long as possible. As I believe it is in God’s hands!

ACESAspire: What is your favorite article on your website?

‘Business Ideas’ is the name of my favorite article. It is a slideshow of pictures on how to start a business, it not only has pictures, it also had tips as well!

It really breaks every step down which is very good. Having a website like mine really  challenges your mind, so don’t be afraid to get your brain thinking. Doing everything to the fullest pays off!

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