Thursday 21 October 2021
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5 Things To Boost Your Design Skills by T. Williams

Do you have designers block? Can’t find inspiration? No need to worry because I can help. If you’re like me and want to pursue your dreams in fashion, then I’ve got some advice for you.

When I started secondary school, I had no time for designing. It was time to really buckle down and pay attention because I couldn’t afford to start the year off with bad grades. What made it worse for me in particular was that I lived in London but my school was in Medway, so to get to school I had to take the train. So even when I had time, I spent it relaxing instead of designing. To make sure that you don’t do what I did, here are 5 things you need to know to boost your designing skills.

#1: Explore

The world can be a very colourful place, try exploring to find designs, patterns and shapes that you like and incorporate them into your work, it’s also a very great way to expand your knowledge on the multicultural side of things.

#2: Find your style

When you are designing, you need to decide what aspect of fashion you enjoy designing most e.g. casual, formal, party etc. After that’s done it’ll make it easier for you to decide on the next part like what fabric you want to use or what colour palette you want.


#3: Background

Let’s say you designed a beautiful red carpet worthy dress and you posted it on social media and became famous. Paparazzi would follow your every movement and ask you questions about your muse, fabrics, colours and more. That’s why adding a background to your designs are helpful and important.

#4: Social media

When you design, a great way to put your work out there is to post pictures on Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest etc. VIPs, celebrities and such check social media frequently, if they see your designs and like them enough then nothing but good can come from that. (But make sure you get your parents permission for social media first).

#5: Support

If you’ve been raised in an African home as I have then you know they probably want you to be a doctor, lawyer or engineer and having dreams of becoming a fashion designer won’t necessarily help you in this matter. ( I’m not saying all African homes are like this).But how it worked out for me, is that I practised whenever I had the chance and proved to my parents that I could actually do this. What I’m trying to say is that with your parents support and encouragement you can do so much more than you expected.

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