Wednesday 5 August 2020
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7 Inexpensive Ways to Stop the Brain Drain This Summer

Summer is a time to sit down and relax but at the same time too much of something is dangerous. Many parents are faced with the same problem over and over again after every summer and that is brain drain. They also wonder what to do with kids during summer. Below are seven ways to kill the boredom and have constructive fun during the sunny days.


The first thing to do with your kids during summer is to have fun. You’ll be surprised how much children learn through fun and games.

Take your kids out for games like football or tennis. Discuss the game with them and share strategies.
Let the kids play monopoly and teach them about finances.

If you are going out for shopping, let them come up with a budget and as you shop have them do the calculations.

Reading Club

Allocate some time for reading in a fun way. You can form a book club whereby you choose the books to read with the kids. Go for something that is non-fictional and has good grammar but at the same time fun for the child.

Keep on writing – Create a Book

If you do not have an idea of what to do with kids during summer, then you better try writing.
Encourage the kids to keep a diary or a journal where they record the day’s happenings. Kids communicate a lot by what they write; you can also have them write a comic book. This is just another way of brainstorming.

Get Blogging

Children today spend a lot of time in front of a computer. You can use this to do something creative during summer.
Create a blog for your kids where they can share their holiday experiences with their friends. Of course they should do this with your guidance.

Nature Trail

Go and visit the zoo or the park. Your child will learn a lot about what is around them and they will also be able to appreciate it.

Take them out on camping. It is not only a good way to bond with your child as a parent but also indulge them in good conversation.

Creative Time

Have your children draw, paint or build something. See how creative they get or give them something to inspire the Michaelangelo in them.

What about Camping?

If you really lack ideas on what to do with kids in the summer, then summer camps are a good place to start. There are different types of camps so choose one which is holistic. Your child will not only interact with other children but also learn new things.

Whatever you do this summer, get your kids out and about. A mind is a precious thing to lose so let’s use it.

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