Wednesday 21 April 2021
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A Designer’s Muse by I. Sajowa

I have so many muses such as Oliver rousteing, Coco Chanel and Alexander McQueen. McQueen
started from nothing and became something, his story was so amazing to watch.
It made me realise that even though I may fail at one thing that doesn’t determine whether or not  I am a failure.

It just taught me to carry on and keep on pushing regardless of things in the way. He gave me
such determination and dedication that I can be up there and be what I want to be. His
vision was so different, people didn’t believe in him at all or that his fashion thinking was up to
standard.However, he proved to people, media and the world that no matter what people say or think it doesn’t determine him or his vision he had for his brand and his future. In addition to this, he is a worldwide designer, known for his amazing extraordinary work and designs.

Coco Chanel is another famous French designer was poor and had nothing but now is a worldwide designer. She started off simply, by draping fabrics on a manikin, then to making military garments, collections, hats and couture. Coco has completely changed they way fashion has started from the beginning until the present. Which makes the fashion industry interesting and
completely different to the way it started in the old times.

It’s funny to see how old fashion and styles are coming back into fashion, which just tells you that fashion is a cycle that will never end.

Oliver Rousteing is my all time favourite designer, this is because he started from the bottom of
the Balmain company and then became the creative director for Balmain. It just proved and
taught me that hard work really pays off. When you work towards what you want you can achieve
it. All his visuals, designs are so unique, even the way he works. He always makes sure his team is in every decision he makes and changes in his collections. It shows that a
true designer  should always incorporate their team and the people that surround them, to make the best collections and clothes. So that when people see it they will want to feel as good as the model does on the runway.

Overall, these designer have taught and given me so much knowledge and insight into fashion which makes me want to push and work further towards my goal.

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