Wednesday 5 August 2020
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A Passion for Fashion by I. Sajowa

At a young age fashion was always something that I was passionate about. My dad was my ultimate muse when it came to fashion. This is because he was also was into fashion and he was also a fashion designer, who created his own collection. As a kid I was very creative, i just loved to design and create new things. In school I was known by everyone as the person who was going to become a fashion designer.

My dad is the most amazing person ever. He encouraged me to follow my dreams and to be the best that I can be. He really pushed me and he bought me all the essentials that I needed; which I am forever grateful for. My dad has shown and taught me everything that I know about fashion. That enabled me to forge my fashion pathway.

Fashion, fashion, fashion. Its always been how I express my creativity and all the out of this world designs that come through my mind. It gives me a sense of joy and happiness, spending time designing things. Fashion designing is not only designing a collection, but, to me it is telling a story or leaving a message behind. So that people will realise that it’s not just a collection to look and stare at but there is also something about it that makes a difference.

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