Saturday 25 September 2021
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About ACES Aspire

About Us

ACES Aspire is a platform for aspirational youth of colour express themselves and gain valuable work experience. We are a group of individuals who are frustrated about our communities being misrepresented in the media. We channelled our ‘aggression’ into something positive and came up with ACES Aspire; an online magazine entirely produced by students. Have you ever been frustrated by the adults in your life not understanding you? Do you want to go into the media industry? Do you want to make your voice heard and have a positive impact on society? You can do all of that and more at ACES Aspire! Parents and teachers can also learn from this website by gaining insight into students’ minds.

All of our content is produced by people in the BAME community so the articles are infused with personal experiences and feelings. Our goal is to help break the cycle of underachievement and inspire young people to achieve great things by showing them examples of people their age going against the odds and rising above prejudice.

This is a chance to make new connections that will last a lifetime and impress any future employers or universities with this unique volunteer experience.

How you can take part


ACES have been delivering educational workshops about employment since 2014. If you would like us to deliver a workshop in your school or community group, you can download our workshop brochure or email us at


You can register for our free student, parents and teacher webinars to gain expert advice throughout the year.

Become a writer

We are always looking for talented young writers to join our team! Feel free to email Ebun at; we look forward to hearing from you!

How to contact us

Follow us on Instagram: @acesaspire

Follow our Twitter: @aces_aspire

Subscribe to our YouTube channel: ACES Aspire


Founder & Director: Donia Narh

Editor in Chief: Ebun Bello

Editor: Toni Bamisaye

Editor: Wonu Laoshe

Editor: Vanessa Yakubu

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