ACES STEM Student Rocks at Silverstone

Today, we are featuring a young lady with many roles and big ambitions. This ACES STEM student, ACESAspire lead student reporter, ACES Alumni and motorsport engineer of the future, Chantelle Roberts (aka Motorosportchic) joined professional engineers at Silverstone and had the time of her life.

ACES Female Engineer in STEM (Motorsportchic)

I want girls of every race to know that they can accomplish their dreams. I imbibe Oprah’s mantra, that, “excellence is the only remedy against racism and sexism”. C. Roberts 

ACES Student at Silverstone

Chantelle is set to take the world of motorsport and engineering by storm. She is currently completing her MSc in Motorsport and is keeping her eye out for that ideal company to work with so she can learn and invest her talents and academic prowess.

ACES Student at Silverstone (Motorsportchic)

She was initially taken aback by the fact that she was the only black and  female student on the course but decided that she would work hard to inspire other young female students. Chantelle is a hardworking student who has consistently gained top marks on her course. Her male counterparts were initially shocked to see her, but, quickly grew to respect her intelligent and engineering mind.

Recently, Chantelle had the time of her life as she volunteered at Silverstone. In her words, ‘This is where I was born to be and I can’t wait to grow and develop as an engineer”.


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We are so proud of Chantelle!

Please watch out for her full interview in the next couple of weeks.

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