Thursday 21 October 2021
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Art Galleries: Outdated or revolutionising?

It’s been a long time since I last went to Central London to visit some sort of exhibition. I visited the Tate Modern last year, the National Art Gallery two years previous and then, from time to time, I visited random stalls and art show-cases dotted around London. For someone who is an art enthusiast, I visit exhibitions less than expected! There are, however, some valid reasons as to why I never invest my time into gallery “touring”. Here’s why;

Firstly, most art galleries aren’t fully happy with photography…especially on mobile phones. For any organisation or site to be publicised and for word to get out there, art galleries should allow social media posting and photos to be taken! If these exhibitions wanted more visitors, especially in the younger band of citizens of London, they should put themselves “out there” by enhancing the use of social media in their sites. Of course, they prohibit use of phones for a very good reason, but maybe they could allow it with regulatory rules and standards to ensure safety of visitors and the artwork itself.

The second reason as to why art galleries are rather “outdated” is due to the distance between the viewer and the art itself. Of course, not being able to touch the relics and paintings is a good thing…but sometimes, with the sweeping of people and the impatience of tourists and other viewers, you barely get to examine the painting and relic itself. Instead, you simply glance at it and then move on. It seems that lots of popular, and fairly busy exhibitions aren’t fully tailored for the reflective during the “rush-hour”.

The final reason is, simply, the more convenient use of the internet. In a modern school, to study an artist’s work, you don’t have to go to a gallery anymore and pick out their paintings and sketches! Nowadays, you simply go to Google and search for the artist. You do not have to travel all of the way across London to see an image anymore! So, you may think it’s convenient for you; but it’s also convenient for the artists themselves. To sell a painting or a sculpture or a vase, they can sell their works online. They, too, do not need to wait for anything or anyone! We can safely say that the internet is replacing our dearest art galleries…

On the other hand… we are safe to say that we, as a society, are nowhere near ready to get rid of all our art galleries. They still hold a significant place in our hearts and they still have a strange aspect of mystery and beauty to them. Seeing someone’s work, famous or not, in real life, it brings on a sense of awe. Being able to see the wonder and emotion and history in a painting is wonderful, and centres that showcase it should be remembered and forever commemorated…

So, next time you’re walking through Central London or the “big city” of your country; go to one of these art exhibitions and see for yourself what mystique they hold!

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