Thursday 21 October 2021
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Ash M11 by A. Marsh

Happy birthday to Ash M11. Well done for developing your talents and thank you for sharing them with us. We know that your articles and videos will continue to inspire young people and will impact the world!

Ash M11 is showcasing his football talents and his love for the sport with his YouTube channel, Ash M11 which has over 200 subscribers. On his channel are tutorials and reviews.

The most recent video on Ash M11 is a tutorial on different football skills titled, ‘How to get better at football’.

Ashley uses each skill in his football matches and his talents are immediately showcased through the demonstrations of each skill. It goes without saying that Ash M11 is amazing at football, with his explanations you can tell that he has a high level of knowledge about the sport, yet he takes his time when explaining each skill and demonstrates each one slowly. Through this it is obvious that Ash M11 is a platform devoted to developing young people’s interests in football. There is also a video on Ash M11, in which he positively reviews a pair of football boots that he unboxed (his reviews are so good, they are bound to tempt the viewers to buy a pair!).

Ash M11 is an amazing YouTube channel that will continue to grow, and I do recommend it for all football fans- especially those who want to know more about the sport and/or develop their skills. To watch some of Ash M11’s videos, go to

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