Tuesday 29 September 2020
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Posts by: ACES Aspire Editor

Black BA Pilot encourages young people

This black pilot encourages young people to become resilient and go for their dreams.

Black Police Officer Encourages Students

A black police officer discusses his transition from one job to another and encourages young people to aim high.

Female in Finance Encourages Students

A female in finance encourages students to get work experience and work hard until they get their dream job.

Studying at Military School

Young military student encourages students and shares his experience of being at Welbeck Sixth Form school.

Samara Linton: Cambridge University

Samara Linton, ACES Diamond Awards winner 2012, writes about her experience of attending at Cambridge University. This is a very inspiring,...

Success Talks’ Industry Insights at PWC

The day will be split into two sessions morning for 15-17 yr olds and afternoon for 18 yr olds and above. The morning session will show the...

A Radical Event with Keziah Connections

Are You Radical? An Evening with Radical Skincare. Keziah CONNECTIONS prides itself on providing events that inspire, motivate and give...

Wembley AITC Family Fun Day & Fundraiser

Family Fun Day & Fundraiser In Aid Of The Late Trevor Hutton’s C.F.F & The British Heart Foundation As the rates of men dying...

Review: Miss Teen Caribbean UK

On Saturday, 16th August 2014 ACES Aspire attended the UK’s first Miss Caribbean UK competition. This was after we got the unique...

5 Steps to Writing Your Own Book for Kids

Thanks to Omar K. Alleyne for giving ACES Aspire readers 5 top tips to help them write their own book. The book writing process is not...