Thursday 21 October 2021
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Baroque-Inspired Portraits Of Black Girls: The Inspiration Behind It

Very recently, I was introduced to an article that ended up meaning a lot more to me than I had anticipated. As you may have gathered, having read my other articles, I have a passion for art and artistry. I do, going further, have a greater passion for it when it truly means something.

The article that I read was by Ilona on and was featuring some images of young black girls. They were all in elaborate costumes, inspired by the Baroque Period and other alternative styles of dressing. The focus was, however, their hair.

Gorgeous, right? You see, the reason why this article was created was for you to say, “Yes, she looks beautiful. Why can’t I look like that?” The truth is…you can look this beautiful. The secret is this… We are all full of natural beauty. Especially as a young woman of Afro-Caribbean descent, I have learned to embrace the thing that only people of my type have; our hair- The Afro…

The issue is that many, not only young, but even older, people of Afro-Carribean descent are shunning their own stunning features, especially their hair. This shame has grown up with many of us; having been forced into perming our hair, to wearing weaves as our natural hair does not simply comply with our school or workplaces’ rules or standards. It is understandable and unsurpirsing that so many black girls are so set on straightening their hair or getting rid of it. This lowers many girls’ self-esteem and truly affects the Afro-Carribean community.

The inspiration that we can take from these images is that we, young black women, should embrace our natural beauty. We shouldn’t let any of the media’s views on us get us down, no matter how hard it seems. Because, in the end, we are the most beautiful people of all…


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