Saturday 25 September 2021
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Being Noticed by World Renowned Companies


There are many companies that we look up to in the UK and internationally. This can be for inspiration for your personal goals or to get ideas from companies that you would need access to to reach your goals. Also working with these companies can help your  personal statement for university as being a well-rounded student is becoming more and more important these days. I know it can be difficult to be noticed by these companies so I have created my top tips for getting apprenteschips, work experience and even job offerings for World Renowned Companies. Hopefully by using these top tips you will start to be noticed by the people around you and the companies who could ultimately shape your futue. Take a look…

In the video I do mention these tips for receiving opportunities from World renowned companies but I wanted to expand on them for you:

1.Striving for Excellence

That’s in everything you do, that can be from small day to day tasks like helping out with the household chores to larger prospects like visiting World Class companies. If you start with the little day to day tasks, you will have a positive attitude towards your day and that means you will be putting 100% into what you do and how you perform. Trust me, that attitude will not be overlooked!


2.Hard Work in School

Yes, I know it can be difficult when you seem to be having a bad day but just remember tomorrow is a new day with new challenges for you to conquer. When you work hard in school that drive ends up seeping into other areas of your life and before long you will be achieving the goals that you set that seemed impossible.


3.Doing Extra Curricular Activities

That can range from sports to after school clubs and even volunteering. You end up meeting new people and throwing yourself into another adventure which could influence what you do in the future but also may end up opening opportunities for you.


4.Looking for Events held by large companies

Use Google guys, seriously it’s such a fantastic tool and you would be amazed to see how many companies are searching for people just like you through their websites,online resources or social media.

Don’t forget, once you go to visit a company don’t be afraid to ask questions! This is crucial because without questions you won’t be able to form relationships and network with people, which could, in the future, set you up for a job in that same company. No matter how great you look on paper, if you don’t talk to people they will never get to see how amazing you are.


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