Thursday 21 October 2021
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Black History by T. Williams

It is a well known fact that black people weren’t always welcome in countries like the UK and the US, so now that black people have a better chance at life.  These just a few people who didn’t let their colour stop them from perusing their dreams and are now inspirational to young black people all over the world.

Henry Ossawa Tanner – 1st African-American artist…                                                 
(June 21,1859- May 25,1937) He was the first African-American artist to gain international acclaim. He then moved to Paris, France to study art and eventually live there after being accepted into artistic circles. His painting titled “Daniel in the lion’s den” was accepted into 1896 Salon, the official art exhibition of the académie des beaux-arts in Paris, France where he studied.

Ella Fitzgerald – 1st African-American singer…                                                                                                                  (April 25,1917- June 15,1996)  She was a jazz singer, who was often referred to as the First Lady of song or the Queen of Jazz. She was recognised for her purity of tone, impeccable diction, phrasing, intonation, improvisational ability and especially her scat singing.

Sir Sidney Poitier – 1st Bahamian-American actor…                                                                                                          (February 20,1927) He started his career in 1947 and currently lives in the Bahamas with his wife Joanna Shimkus. He became the first Bahamian and the first black actor to win an academy award for best actor.

Earl Lloyd – 1st African-American basketball player…
(April 3,1928 – February 26,2015) He was a professional basketball player. He was the 1st black basketball player to have played a game in the National basketball Association. He played for 1 year with the Washington capitols, 6 years with the Syracuse nationals and 2 years with the Detroit Pistons. After all of that he coached for a year with the Detroit Pistons.

Zelda Barbour Wynn Valdes – 1st African-American fashion designer…                                                                         (June 28,1905 – September 26, 2001) She was an African-American fashion designer and costumer. Valdes started out tailoring in her uncle’s shop in 1920 and by 1935 she had her own dressmaking business in White plains. She eventually oversaw ladies alterations and developed her own clientele and was very successful.

As you can see all these people didn’t let racism stand in their way of success. Since racism has calmed down now, that has made it a bit easier for the black youth to start a successful life and if these people could do it when racism was at its peak the black youth can surely do it now. I hope this article inspires you to do well in life achieve something for yourself.

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