Thursday 21 October 2021
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My Boarding School Experience by Eduwa Ekhator

When you hear the word boarding school, the first thing that comes to mind is punishment… right? This is because pop culture has painted boarding school in a way that isn’t necessarily accurate. Whilst this impression is an exaggerated example of what the reality of boarding school life is actually like, movies, TV and books have left people asking: why would anyone want to go to boarding school?



Boarding is simply not the way media has painted it, it is an opportunity for students to become independent. Not always relying on your parent 24/7. Students will be independent while boarding, but they are not left to do it completely on their own, as the staff are more than happy to help out.


Not only do boarding schools commit to delivering the very highest standard of education, staff are available for extra help after the school day ends. There is a certain time that pupils do their homework, extra work, study or just read, which is called prep time. Being smart is cool in boarding school. Students are encouraged intellectually in ways they never were before in their primary schools, and they tend to be more motivated when surrounded by success-oriented peers. “The TABS study found that 78% of boarders reported they are motivated by peers compared to 49% of day school students.”


Apart from the educational aspect of boarding, one thing former students tend to mention more than anything else is the people they meet. Living in a room with like-minded, highly motivated individuals with different/similar goals and ambitions, students form strong bonds with classmates from different backgrounds all over the world, and establish lifelong friendships.


In the last the 4 months of becoming a boarder, I have learnt how to manage my time – whether it’s exploring the local town or being in my room or just studying. I have grown to be more confident, independent and out-going.

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