Thursday 21 October 2021
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Facebook and the modern workplace

With over 2 billion active users (those which have logged in during the last 30 days), Facebook is by far the biggest and most-used social media platform in the world. It has several offices around the world, including India, America, and London. Luckily, I was able to visit the London office in the October half term and believe me, I was gobsmacked! Never before have I seen such an innovative and modern space to work in. I definitely want to work there when I grow up. Let me give you the full walkthrough.

First of all, we need to talk about the free food. Yes, you heard me right. The FREE food.

In Facebook London, they have a free canteen with Michelin star chefs that cook things like steak and squid (they also do a mean pasta). On each level, by the stairs, there is a snack/drink bar, with popcorn, chocolate bars, fizzy drinks, and those healthy oat bars that people are always trying to convince me I should eat instead of all of the aforementioned.

Are you jealous yet? It gets worse.

Ther’s a sweet bar, obviously, something that I took full advantage of.

When you’ve eaten your fill, you may need to use the loo. Don’t worry. Facebook’s toilets will not let you down. They have little ‘dental kits’ with toothbrushes and toothpaste, little cups for the Listerine dispenser, sanitary towels, and the kind of mirrors that are perfect for selfies (I didn’t take any pictures of the toilets. I thought that would be weird).

You may be feeling a bit sleepy now. At most workplaces, sleeping on the job is definitely NOT ALLOWED. However, at Facebook, they’ve got sleep pods, for when you need a nap (no, you are not allowed to spend the entire day in there). They also have a hairdresser/masseuse that comes in once or twice a week that you can book appointments with (also free).

Suppose you’re tired of living in London, and you decide that you want to go and work in one of Facebook’s other offices. Facebook can help with that – they will help you find accommodation and a place in the new office.

“What about my social life!” I hear you scream. Facebook, so encouraging are they of their employees getting out and having fun, that if you get together at least five of your co-workers for a night out, Facebook will pay £20 towards everyone. That’s a free cinema trip on the house! Also, if you have an international team that you feel you haven’t seen in a while, Facebook will pay for you to fly out to see them.

Why all this generosity? Well, a happy employee is a safely employed employee. Our tour guide, Pearl Oguchi, told us that she wants to die at Facebook (obviously not in the near future). Facebook has secured their worker’s loyalty. By promoting diversity and togetherness, they are ensuring that Facebook has a new generation of people to work there. I know that I, for one, am turned!


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