Wednesday 5 August 2020
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A Fresh take on the Sci-fi Genre: Anderson I

Latest Science Fiction novel by Omar Alleyne, Anderson I: The Acute Case of Anthrax




19 Year old Omar K. Alleyne from Birmingham has released ‘Anderson I; The Acute Case of Anthrax’in the E-book format where it is available on ‘smashwords’for £3.50/$5.99.

Set in a dystopic, multi-species future, Doctor Anderson, the book’s main protagonist and his team are caught in the crossfire between responsibility and duty when a patient becomes diagnosed with an undisclosed illness.

Keen to solve the mystery and develop a treatment, Anderson and his team discover secrets that force quickly have them re-evaluating their roles in this galactic society.

Alleyne states the book takes inspiration from personal instances of racial abuse and is the basic inspiration of the novel. He also aims his novel is a fresh spin on the Science fiction genre by ‘allowing the characters to write the story’.

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