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Harriet Tubman by Osayuwame

Harriet Tubman, in my opinion, is the definition of an inspirational Ashanti (from Ghana or the ivory coast) woman. She was born into the iniquity and wicked system known as slavery which, according to Edward Brodas, meant she was legally the property of another human being.

Harriet Tubman

The scrutiny and pain of being a slave is what hero Harriet Tubman had faced. Harriet at age twenty-five, married John Tubman. Her dream to the Northern part of the United States was being forced to be torn to shreds as John was not fond of them leaving slavery to go to the North a small price to pay to be free where they can just walk and talk and not be bought (which would save their marriage as being in the slave trade means they could be split up).
An attempt to tear away a dream from Harriet Tubman was fought and she got to go the north. Harriet went back to Maryland to give the people in the North a hand to bring the people from the south to a free land. Her mind was entwined in kindness and honour as she taught the free black people entrepreneurship allowing them to start a business which can help them through any hardships. Harriet worked with the US army as an intelligence agent in order to help carry out The Combahee river raid which ended up freeing seven hundred black African American children woman and men.

Miss Tubman’s story motivates me and inspires me to just go for it and the more people try to make you feel like you cannot achieve your dreams, the more reason to thrive and you should go for your dreams. Harriet’s actions and story inspires me and shows me that there are people out there who need my help and yours too. This can be seen when she teaches the free people entrepreneurship as she used her skills not only to help herself but others. Jesus was a servant to many, why can’t I be one too?

I know it’s fair to say Harriet Tubman was a real true HERO and I AM INSPIRED TO BE LIKE HER, A HERO!!

By, Osayuwame

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