Saturday 25 September 2021
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An Interview with IT Specialist Henry Narh: Gaining Insight into the IT World

Recently Yvonne Oparaku got hold of Mr Henry Narh and used this opportunity to pick his brains on the IT field!


Yvonne: what do you do for a living? 

Henry: I’m an I.T consultant specialist in eCommerce 

Yvonne: What does your job entail?

Henry: I work with companies, plan their routine example DPD. We provide software to help them plan and manage their fleet of delivery carriers. I work in the technology side that understand their operation and make sure that the software they provide help to do their job more efficiently

Yvonne: Do you think in 10 years time technology will completely take over?

Henry: Technology is already taking over. For complex type of problem, we need human intervention.

Yvonne: Seeing as technology is rapidly taking over is it advisable to get a job now in the technology industry?

Henry: It depends on your dreams. Understand what field you want to get into. Technology will implicate whatever you want to do in the future but you’ve got to ask yourself, do I want to get in the technology or not?

Yvonne: What are 3 ways to get a job in the technology industry without a degree in technology?


  • Experience

  • Completing an apprenticeship

  • Having connection, so knowing somebody in the field you want to get into.

Yvonne: What are 3 ways to stand out in the technology field?


  • Experience! Make sure the skills you have are aligned with what employers are looking for.

  • Being pro-active. What have you done? For example, if you want to be a programmer, have you built a website?

  • Getting involved by building or developing something.

Yvonne: What are 3 ways to gain experience in I.T that employers are looking for?


  • You have to have the right skills, character and personality.

  • Discover what area in technology you are willing to get into and do something in that area. Show employers what you’ve done in that particular field of interest

  • You have to be passionate about the area in I.T you want get into

Yvonne: Thank you very much for your time

Henry: No problem

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