Thursday 21 October 2021
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My BBC Experience by Colette Njoteh

On Wednesday 8th November 2017, I visited the BBC News Broadcasting House. I had such an amazing experience and I got to receive some informative information as I was there.

My journey to the Broadcasting House was simple yet complicated. I had some trouble gathering my bearings; however, once I saw that bright blue glistening light in the distance, I knew I was on the right track. As I got closer, I couldn’t believe I was finally there, standing right in front of the BBC Broadcasting House, right outside the BBC One show set.

After getting in contact with Donia I had the opportunity to admire the reception. Even though I was just standing in reception, it was still astonishing. Once we had our team gathered, we were ready to go upstairs into the meeting room; as I was walking in and had all these adults and business people gazing at me (that’s how it felt in my opinion) I was overwhelmed by the fact that I was surrounded by all these professional people. However, I took it as an opportunity to show how professional I can be.

Before we got started with the talk, we had the opportunity to introduce ourselves and at this point I became anxious. I wasn’t too sure if Donia was going to introduce me or if I was just going to do it myself like everyone else in the room. In the end, Donia had helped me and started me off by introducing me and what I do. Then I introduced myself by stating who I am, how old I am, the college I go to and what I study and instantly the majority of the room took interest in me. During the presentation, I took notes on the process to the apprenticeship, what they are looking for and the types of things that stand out.

Once the presentation had ended we all had a chance to take a quick tour of the news studios, and it was brilliant. I felt so blessed to be walking around in the BBC already – just having a quick look was amazing! We looked at all of the cameras and other equipment that they use. Just looking at how much work goes into making the BBC and not only that but the committed people that dedicate so much hard work to making the BBC was amazing; after witnessing how much teamwork actually goes into productions, I have been influenced to make sure that whatever production team I get put into we will all work together and work together like a team, because if we don’t we may not be able to produce amazing things like the BBC.

I really enjoyed the evening. I learnt a lot and had an astounding opportunity to take a look around the studio and get an insight into the industry.

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