Thursday 21 October 2021
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My Feature on Forbes Magazine

On 17th July, Girl Up gave me the opportunity to interview Soledad O’Brien (former news anchor at CNN) at the National Archives Research Centre in Washington D.C. as part of Girl Up’s Leadership Summit. Before the main interview, I talked to Soledad backstage in order for us to get to know each other; the conversation flowed well especially because she is very comfortable to be talk to and be around. I have included clips of the interview below.

Soledad O'Brien with Toni Bamisaye

Watching the interview, were Girl Up staff and the Summit attendees and local reporters, however I did not know that a writer from Forbes would also be there until a week later. Forbes is an American business magazine which also reports on technology, politics, and science, in other words, the magazine tends to feature really important people. When I found out that my interview with Soledad O’Brien was featured on Forbes, I was shocked but honoured and grateful because I know that its not everyday that the magazine features an 18-year old black girl from South-East London. I know that being featured on Forbes as definitely improved my confidence and I look forward to the extraordinary opportunities that will come my way!

Here is the link to the Forbes article:

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