Thursday 21 October 2021
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My Poland Trip by Josiah Frimpong

My name is Josiah and I am going to Poland in August to play a football tournament against many professional teams including Man City, Juventus, PSV and Feyenoord FC. These are some teams that are found in many worldwide tournaments like the Champions League and Europa League (these two tournaments are only for teams that make the top 6 places in their leagues).

Why this means a lot to me

Therefore, I am very excited to play this tournament. Before we start this paragraph, I would really appreciate it if you amazing guys were to sponsor me for my trip to Poland. This means a lot to me because I may get into an academy of football; this means that if I stay in this academy then I can get into a professional team, and you could maybe see me on TV. So please sponsor me by typing on your PC (or any device in fact) TDA Poland u11s.

Thank you and good bye.

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