Saturday 25 September 2021
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New! Nelson Mandela Educational App

post_120914_8Nelson Mandela was an inspiration to us all. Now you can improve student knowledge of this great man with this dynamic App for your classroom or on your computer at home.

Bongo LLP are proud to have developed this App with ACES Youth Project ( anot for profit organization) created to equip young people with a positive cultural identity and the skills needed to succeed in education, employment and enterprise.

The App has the most comprehensive quiz and teaching tool about Mandela to date with over 400 questions about the man, his country and South African history.

Key Features

  • Used by thousands of learners worldwide
  • British English content
  • With a very large data set of over 400 questions, every game will be different
  • Gives formative feedback of each question answered incorrectly
  • Organised by easy, medium, and hard
  • Works anytime, anywhere and on any device
  • Fully supports touch gestures.

Educational Benefits

  • Personalised learning experience automatically adjusts difficulty at a pace suited to their needs
  • Enables students to work independently, learning at their own pace in the classroom & at home
  • Keeps learners motivated and engaged – they will want to do more and more.

How to purchase

Purchasing and using the Apps could not be easier. Your students or children do not need to log into My Resource Cloud, we believe that it is best to just keep it simple. You just give your students or child the automatically generated web link (url). You can do this by email, by building it into a homework sheet as a link or by simply adding it to your intranet. Nothing could be easier, the students do not need to remember or enter any password or login details. They do not even need to go to My Resource Cloud, The App just works. The App is available from

Will it work on your computer?

No need to worry about the Apps not working as they work in all modern browsers and across computer platforms. PCs, tablets and even on a Mac. In technical speak they are fully SCORM compliant, but let’s just say they will work. Just ensure that the link is not posted in a public area of the schools website as the link is created to work only with the number of users you select when you purchased the App.

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