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Pencil Review: ‘ColourBlend by Spectrum Noir’ by Laurelle Brant

ColourBlend by Spectrum Noir; Artist’s Blending pencils- Soft tints.
Review: Laurelle Iona Brant

Coral, Bright Red, Pollen, Candle Glow, Sky Blue, Saltwater, Jade Silk, Sea Crystal, Lilac, Wisteria, Pearl Blush, Cupid

Colours Used: All
Most Used: Pearl Blush
Least Used: Cupid

Drawings Produced:
Pink and Purple based- reflective swimming pool; reflective koi and yellow pool features and poolside.
Mint, soft blue macarons

My rating: 8/10


These have been one of the best sets of colour pencils that I have ever tried. The colours themselves were so aesthetically pleasing, creating a soft but vibrant effect when put together. When lining each on paper for the first time, the colour was barely visible. However, when they all come together- they truly do transform your work.

Good Points:

  1. Blending (within the same pencil brand): The blending skills of these pencils are phenomenal. They almost seamlessly old together to create beautiful shades of the colour provided when needed. No nicks, no “sore thumbs”- just effortless blending. Almost like paint.
  2. Colour strength: I like it how, with light applications, the colours produced by these pencils are just so soft! I mean, it’s just so gorgeous. However, with a bit more pressure and extra layering, the colour brightens and become bolder and more and more vibrant- without destroying the pencil or the paper. It’s great for multi-layered colour sketches.
  3. Underlayer removal: In sketching, I always base my drawing with pencil. It was lovely being able to colour over the pencil markings and being able to rub out the pencil beneath the colours without the colours fading as much as I’d expected. Awesome stuff! Made life way easier.

Other points:

  1. Sharpening: I am aware that these pencils are waxed based, thus proving an issue when the pencils are broken as they are softer. However, in sharpening the pencils that I used quite a bit- there was quite a lot of jagged debris, especially in the wooden aspects of the pencil. Maybe it was my sharpener?
  2. Blending (with other pencil types): To try it out, I blended one brand of pencil that I already own with this one, and it was like oil on water. Still good- but it didn’t blend as well. Of course, that is expected, but it’s just something to add- considering that I am a young person who’s art rules are not yet set in stone.

General Overview: Just amazing. Loved it all!

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