Thursday 21 October 2021
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Skin Care, by Ivie Abbe

I’m sure, at one point in our lives, we’ve all experienced having that one stubborn, unpleasant friend; the ones that you try so hard to avoid, but one way or another they find a way to enter your life and just make a mess of it. I mean, you follow all the routines online and on Youtube: washing your face twice a day with all the products you were instructed to use and somehow these cunning little spots still find a way to find a home on your face – well for me at least.
A few years back I suffered from serious acne and hated it to the point that I decided to do something about it. Consistency was my major problem. I’d buy products and use them and expect immediate results. But when that didn’t happen, I’d either give up or switch to a completely new product hoping I’d get results. Little did I know that to start seeing results I needed to, firstly, stick with one product and secondly, be patient. This years been good so far as I’ve recently (a month ago) just started using a face wash from Garnier which, I’m glad to say, seems to be working very well.
From watching more Youtube videos and also speaking to friends with flawless skin, I learnt of new products which I’ve also been using within my new routine: face cleanser by Garnier and bio oil. The face cleanser helps to remove all impurities fromm the skin without leaving the skin too dry and the bio oil just helps to remove dark marks, scars and helps restore an even skin tone on the face. These are the only 3 products I’ve been using recently and although sometimes the odd one or two unwanted spots find their way back, I’m seeing my skin improve much more this time around and is in better condition than it was a few years ago.
Unfortunately, having good  skin didn’t only depend on using products and routines, I had to alter some of the things I ate slightly. For example I realised that eating too many oily foods and nuts contributed to my acne. I decided to reduce the amounts of these foods that I ate overall and kept to consumption to a minimum- if not at all. By doing this, my spots began to reduce. I kept at it of course. I also read that drinking plenty of water is good when it comes to getting rid of spots – so, of course, I increased my water intake and fortunately my skin looked and felt more relaxed which also reduced my acne.
As of now my face has greatly improved and my skin is getting better day by day. The only thing I’m more focused on right now are the discolorations on my face which I use bio oil for. I use bio oil twice a day but only a few drops of it as it is an oil and it could trigger the return of some highly unwanted friends – which we don’t want.

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