Saturday 25 September 2021
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Start Right Career Preparation Workshop

The Start Right  is a career guidance and preparation workshop that has been designed by Inspired Concept HR Consultancy for students age 15 or year 9 upwards and their parents to help them identify their strengths, talents, passions and discover the most suitable careers for them and the best  pathways to take at school, college and university.

This course will save time and unnecessary debt because students will get a better understanding of the careers that suit their personalities, temperament, interests and talents. This targetted workshop will help to position students to ‘start right’, take the right courses and focus on securing the right kind of employment.

Career Guidance and Planning Tool

It is an interactive career and education planning tool. Each student/child is given personalised careers and education advice, helping them choose options and make informed decisions about study pathways and career opportunities. The profile offers information about apprenticeships, colleges and degree courses (in the UK and Europe) and has a vast database of potential careers including salary expectations and the different routes to employment.

Graduates Bid to Secure Job

How does it work?

For the student

Each student completes an online assessment that helps gather information about the student which will feed into personalised careers advice. The online assessment takes approximately 75 minutes. We will measure the students verbal, numerical and abstract aptitudes. This will be combined with a more subjective snapshot of their talents, motivations and work preferences. We analyse all of this information and then present the results back to each student in the form of a personalised report and interactive website. This will include recommendations, potential  courses and investigate the various careers in more detail. This can all be downloaded in a report.

Revision is not required for the assessment, so there is no preparation work involved, although we do have some practice questions if a student wants to get a feel for the types of questions you will be asked.

Professional Parent Career Guidance



Supporting your child through the process of choosing study options and a future career is not an easy task. Some teenagers have a set idea of what they want to do after school, but it is also very common for them to feel unsure of what the future holds and lack direction. The interactive website dedicated to providing education and careers advice for teenagers which can help and inspire your child to explore the different options and opportunities available to them.

Career assessment

How does it work?

All students complete an assessment which measures preferences and aptitudes for verbal, numerical and abstract abilities. No preparation or revision is necessary and it takes about 75 minutes to complete.  They also answer a questionnaire which is much more subjective and allows us to understand your child as an individual; what they like and where their talents and aspirations lie.

We combine the results from the aptitude tests and the questionnaire to generate some suggested careers. However, this is just the beginning. Our online tool is fully interactive, so your child can try different careers options on for size and start to understand the educational pathways that are involved.  Depending on their year at school, we can help them choose optional school subjects and make decisions about post-school choices including further education, entry level jobs and apprenticeships.

Of course, we understand that most teenagers struggle to plan so far in advance and their preferences will inevitably change over time. For this reason, all of our log ins are for life, so they can re-visit us throughout their educational and working lives to seek out the next opportunity.

The workshop will offer children and parents the following:

Costs of administering the profile

One to one face to face meeting with a trained career adviser interpreting the results

Copy of personalised report

Online and life time access to a fully interactive career planning tool based on UK focused careers and education routes.

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