Starting your own website – A Kid’s Guide

12 year old blogger, entrepreneur and owner of, Ife Obasa, provided these informative 7 steps to starting a website guide for fellow students.

1. First you need to know the 4 W’s- ‘Why are you doing it’, ‘What is it about’, ‘Who is it aimed for’ , ‘What you can do to make it’.  Try not to rush this part too much!

2. Secondly you begin to look at what different website builders you can create your own website or blog on. Bear in mind as you are looking for a website builder, you have to be open-minded.

3. This process of looking for a website can be a bit hard if you don’t know what your doing. When you have found the right website builder you then look at all the features it comes with. At this stage you may need an adult to help you as you don’t really want to make any mistakes or pay for the wrong reaons.* Try and go for all the free website builders; they are helpful for obvious reasons!

4. Once you have found your website builder you begin to make your website/blog come alive. As you build your blog/website, you need to really start to apply your 4W’s as they will be needed. Making a website isn’t easy so be really determined and don’t give up.

5. When you have completed the base of your website and have added everything you need, you then preview your website or check for any mistakes and add all the final touches. Making sure everything is in check!

6. You can choose which website builder to use, some people might decide to work with, for instance, www. your choice of, meaning that you choose the name of your website but you will still have the website builder’s name as well. You can always get your own Domain so that you only use your website name. You might have to pay for your own Domain; using a website builder’s name is usually free. This is your time to shine and be unique so have fun with the name-go wild!

7. Lastly, when everything is running smoothly, you can start to tell your friends and family about your websites. Tell people at school. This is part of promoting yourself and putting yourself out there.* If you would like me to promote your website/blog, send me a message on my website and I will surely do it for you!

Bitesize Tips:

  • Do not to give up!
  • Encourage as many people to support your website!
  • Finally put yourself out there, make yourself recognised!
  • Always get ideas from other websites/blogs, you will learn a lot.
  • Some examples of platforms to build your own website

Don’t forget to get your parents’ permission and involve them in the planning process. Visit my website and comment!

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