Wednesday 5 August 2020
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Toyin Dania, Country Manager for Ghana, Djembe’s leading drummer for West Africa

African women are increasingly setting the pace in the entrepreneurship scene. They are taking advantage of technological advances and...

Caroline Marsh, Channel 4’s Secret Millionaire, The BluePrint for Young Girls

I was delighted to learn and write about Caroline Marsh’s journey in becoming one of the leading property investors and...

Students’ Book Review Anderson I: The Acute Case of Anthrax (Black History Month Special)

Over a year ago, we met Omar K. Alleyne, the young entrepreneur, writer, and author of Anderson I: The Acute Case of Anthrax. Since we last...

12 year old blogger and entrepreneur Ife Obasa inspires others

I am Ifeoluwa Obasa~A.K.A~Ife. I am 12 years old! I am very creative and dynamic, I have so many different attributes. I love to give...