Thursday 27 February 2020
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Vanessa’s Food Blog

Happy birthday to Vanessa Yakubu. Congratulations on inspiring young people through your articles and food blog. We know that your success...

Excellence in Education, Maths Genius ‘Laurelle Brant’ takes on the London Mini Marathon

Excellence in Education very own maths genius ‘Laurelle Brant’ takes on the London Mini Marathon. Laurelle is one of the...

Being Noticed by World Renowned Companies

There are many companies that we look up to in the UK and internationally. This can be for inspiration for your personal goals or to get...

Pride of Brent Awards recognises Young Movers and Shakers

Schoolgirl achieves 11 As and wins award at the 2nd Pride of Brent Awards. Action in the Community (AITC) hosted their second annual Pride...