Thursday 21 October 2021
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The Forest: Creative Writing Piece by C. Akinjewe

 Terrified, abandoned and lost I stumbled through the eerie forest. I stood as still as possible and heard leaves crumble and crunch under the paws of hurrying wolves. The beaming moonlit a lucid path as if especially for me. The strong stench reminiscent of decaying bodies hung heavy in the atmosphere.

Bravely, I wandered across the forest with so little strength. After walking for what felt like days, although it was only – most definitely hours I was weak and weary. Wolves howled aggressively upon the startling, stunning full moon as if to deny its beauty. In response, the cool, white moon glared majestically at the vain, disrespectful wolves appearing through the trees.

As I exhaustedly sank down the feeling of the rough, ridged bark rubbed against my aching back. I don’t really remember the details much, but I do know I was on an excursion with a group of friends. Next minute, I had been separated from them all and now I was desperately searching, hoping to see at least one of them.

Eventually, I was drawn to the forest by the rays of the moon. Perilously the misty air clung to the trunks as if trying to suffocate them. Soil piled to form miniature mountains to be scaled by invisible insects, and yet there I was sitting in the same place as them. Depressingly it all ended; when I gasped my final breath as the cold, bitter air burned its way down my lungs.

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