Thursday 21 October 2021
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The Wonderful World Of Blockchain

Blockchain is quickly becoming a constant figure in our ever changing world, with it being taught as a course at universities, its quite clear that block chain will be around for a while. But the question is what exactly is it?

Well, to put it simply block chain it’s just a way of digitally chaining information together whilst being almost completely transparent. At the moment blockchain is most widely known for being the building blocks for cryptocurrency because it allows each validated transaction to be added to a block and once that transaction has been added to the chain it usually can’t be altered or removed making things hard to hide. Essentially it cuts out the middle man when you are banking.

But blockchain also showcases its adaptability in the healthcare industry where transactions would be the documentation of specific healthcare services provided. Healthcare providers, payers and patients would each contribute encrypted data which would serve as individual blocks to a public chain. Therefore, a system for clinical record maintenance and sharing using blockchain would be a lot more secure and efficient.

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