Thursday 21 October 2021
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‘Tis NOT the season to drop your New Year’s Resolutions

Every single year, about forty-two percent of the population decide to make a New Year’s Resolution. The type of resolution often varies between different people; although the most common resolutions are to exercise more, lose weight, get together with the family more often and, often, to quit bad habits. However, we often don’t realise that one bad habit that needs to be broken is our tendency to drop these resolutions by the end of January? Too many enthusiastic people see dropping such targets by February as normal and the funniest part of the process. Even so, succeeding in the maintenance of your resolutions may do more good than how you planned it to have!

The most prevalent of Resolutions comes under the Self Improvement category, if you like. These include Resolutions that focus on weight loss, mindfulness, finding better jobs, doing better deeds and embarking on exciting activities. Forty-four percent of people’s Resolutions are based on such targets, but fifty percent of such people who make such Resolutions fail! Why is that? How come we all fail before February? The reasons are relatively simple…

The first reason is, often, the lack of planning. One may say that they want to lose weight, but how are you going to do so? Are you going to eat healthier? If so, which foods are the best for your body? (I recommend wholemeal and “brown” foods instead of GM and “white” foods! Sorry…personal preference) Are you going to work out? If so, which gym are you going to attend? Have you even applied for a membership yet?! There are so many things to consider and think about when it comes to goal setting and target planning. Many often don’t realise this and, once they realise that there is so much hassle that comes with the Resolution, they give up instantaneously. So…PLAN! If you fail to plan, you plan to fail…

The second reason is the lack of honesty. Sometimes the Resolution that you embark on stops you from being true to yourself. If you’re a person who loves reading comics, but you want to read more proper literature, don’t tell yourself that you are going to stop reading comics altogether. Maybe, it would be better if you decided that you’d commit two hours a week to reading proper English Literature. Do not just stop something if you love it…unless if it is a bad habit such as binge-drinking or smoking (although, going “cold-turkey” is actually very dangerous for your body and your health…try getting some advice and help beforehand…) To add on, sometimes the Resolutions that people make are complete lies. If you know that you are physically incapable of waking up two hours earlier than usual, don’t say that that’s your Resolution. It’s not a good idea and you will most surely fail. Be true to yourself and set targets that will do you some good!

Thirdly, finances can be a burden to your accomplishment of your resolutions. Gym memberships are, sadly, not free in cost and healthy food is actually rather expensive. Maybe travelling to a relative’s more often will cause you to spend a lot more than usual on petrol and quitting smoking may result in you having to buy resources like nicotine patches, which are more expensive than the cigarettes themselves. It is important to set a little bit of money aside or plan properly before you set a goal that you may not be able to fully achieve. However, it is important to not let your situation be an excuse for you not to do anything worth while!

Finally, going through a resolution alone can make it a lot harder for you. You should try to get friends and family to go on your journey with you and you can all better yourselves. In the long run, it also makes it a lot easier. It’s hard to make a goal that you know that the people closest to you aren’t really taking any notice of; especially if it involves breaking an addiction. Try to get your friends along and you can all make beneficial resolutions together!

So, this is a new year and a new you! Let’s try not to give up on our resolutions before the second month of the year! Start small, change one behaviour at a time, talk about it and don’t do it alone. Then, you will surely succeed in following your resolutions! Good luck!

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