Top 20 best websites for GCSE revision

If your school is anything like my school, by the time you’re in Year 9, everyone kicks into hyperdrive.

“This will definitely be on your GCSEs, so listen up!”

“Your daughter is very good at [insert subject here]. Is she considering taking it for GCSE?”

“This decision is the beginning of the rest of your life.”

It drives me bonkers, and I imagine it’s even worse when you’re actually doing your GCSEs in a few short months! I can’t even begin to imagine what the stress is like, trying to juggle revising for at least 10 subjects. Luckily, the internet can be a brilliant resource for revision, and there are a lot of websites specifically aimed at GCSE students. With that in mind, I’ve compiled a list of the top 20 GCSE websites that I have found.



GCSE Bitesize

The GCSE section of the Bitesize website is brilliant for revision. For most topics, it has pages of information and then a short test on what you’ve learnt, with a video where appropriate.



S-cool has question papers for most subjects so that you can practice under timed conditions. You have to sign up to access them, but they are actually free.


Revision World

Revision World also requires signing up, but once you do, you receive access to printable revision pages, PowerPoint presentations and help from student guides.


Get Revising

Get Revising has a plethora of notes, flashcards, videos and much more to guide GCSE revision, as well as some practice papers.



Universal Teacher

Universal Teacher has lots of guides to help you ace your English exams. It has a range of recourses written in an engaging manner to make sure that the information sinks in.


English Biz

English Biz has lots of useful guides on everything from analysing Shakespeare to writing essays – useful for guidance in practice papers.


Mr Barton Maths

This website has videos, worksheets (with answers) and lessons – useful for varying your revision styles. It has information on every topic there is.


Maths Genie

Maths Genie splits revision by grade boundaries and has topic-specific test papers so that you can focus on the areas you are struggling in.


Pass My Exams

This website has resources for Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Pass My Exams provides simple revision notes for you to copy and learn from.


Revision Science

Revision Science offers biology, chemistry and physics students free GCSE revision resources. It is a branch of Revision World.


Love Biology

Love Biology gives you access to 1500 multiple choice questions with feedback. You can track your scores as you complete your course or when you come to revise. This site is also mobile friendly.



Tutor2u has lots of quizzes on RS, Geography, History, and many more. Each time you take a quiz, Tutor2u draws 15 questions from their topic database on that subject to ensure you cover all bases.


Mrs Humanities

This is a website made by a teacher who has put all of her teaching recourses online – useful for if you need to relearn some material.


GCSE Geography

This website provides all the necessary revision material for people studying GCSE Geography. Although the content is tailored for the Edexcel Geography B Course, a lot of the material is useful for people who are studying other exam boards such as AQA, WJEC, OCR etc.


Revise GCSE History


Here you can find revision videos and revision materials for GCSE Historydownloadable resources to help with your GCSE History revision and exam preparation. Individual notes that correspond to each video can be found on each of the video pages.


RS Revision

RS Revision has lots and lots of information for your RS GCSE exams, presented in note form. This is a good source to write up your notes with.



Languages Online

This is a website that all of my languages teachers have recommended to me time and time again. It has lots of short quizzes and activities, as well as some crosswords.



Duolingo does not directly follow the GCSE specification, but it’s still a great resource to bolster up your learning in school. The good thing about this website is that is tests your reading, writing, speaking and listening in a fun and engaging way.



Zut is a French website, but they have different websites for Spanish and German. It is great as it has lots of interactive activities to help make your learning more memorable.


Study Spanish

https://studyspanish. com/

Study Spanish is a good website to test your revision with. It generates different quizzes every time you revise a topic to help you make sure that you have covered all the material.


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