Thursday 21 October 2021
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Trendy Food Spots by V. Yakubu

Everyone loves a trendy restaurant that they can post about on their Snapchat stories. Sadly though, it can sometimes be a bit difficult to find these places, and usually they aren’t as affordable for the average teenager. That’s why, I’ve decided to compile a few of my favourite cool food places in London, that won’t completely break your bank!


Creams cafe has it all. A cool atmosphere, over the top desserts, great tastes and all at reasonable price too. Creams is one of the more of a recent cafes, which can definitely be seen by their hip decor. They offer the best crepes, cookie dough’s and milkshakes that all taste as good as they sound! They also have vegan cookie dough options, as well as gluten free choices, making it suitable for all. It’s a great place to hang out with friends, or celebrate a birthday. I’d only recommend if you have a sweet tooth though. With overdone desserts there’s often a bit more sugar!

Prices: Most desserts are priced around £5-£7

My favourite from there: Oreo Waffle

Click here to see the menu


The best bubble tea flavours are found at Bubbleology! Tropical drinks with a tea, milk or fruit base and chewy tapioca, served in a laboratory-styled cafe. The uniqueness and affordability of their drinks is what makes people love it so much. The drinks are vegan, and they have dairy free options, so anyone can sip away.

Prices: Typically £3 to £4

My favourite from there: Mango fruit tea

Click here to see the menu


I used to see their ice creams all over Pinterest and Instagram, and I’d constantly wish it was located in London. But one day I decided to actually do some research and i found out there’s a shop in Bethnal Green! Their outrageous ice creams are all over social media, and look (almost) too good to eat! The aesthetics are amazing and service is great, but another great thing about Soft Serve Society is the actual taste of the ice cream. It’s not too sweet, and has an extremely light and creamy texture! They also serve very instagrammable freak shakes, but I’d only recommend buying one if you haven’t eaten in while, they’re enough to fill you up for an entire day!

Prices: Ice creams are around £5 and freak shakes are £9

My favourite from there: Cloud 9 ice cream

Click here to see the menu


Yes, unsurprisingly the name gets people curious as to what this is. Located in Camden Market and Shepherds Bush Westfield, this quirky cookie dough stall turns a lot of heads, and is a great place for a quick sugar boost. Their safe-to-eat-at-any-time cookie dough tubs come in addictive flavours and, not to mention, cute colourful cups! It has a vibrant unicorn-loving vibe, and can also be ordered on Deliveroo. Vegan options are available.

Prices: single tub is £4.50

My favourite from there: Salted caramel and honeycomb cookie dough

Click here to see the menu


The first bite is crispy, then the softness inside the bubbles will melt in your mouth…

We all love food, especially fresh, homemade bubble wrap waffles. This  memorable street snack was once from a small market stall, and is now a shop in China Town. They look good and taste great, what’s more to ask for? A bit more expensive than the rest on this list, but your taste buds will thank you for coughing up the money. The place also has a savoury option for people without as much of a sweet tooth, the avocado egg bubble wrap. Want to be satisfied? Bite into those bubbles!

Price: £7

My favourite from there: Vanilla crunch

Click here to see the menu

These are a few of my favourite trendy spots in London that are suitable for teens and their wallets! If you decide to check any of them out, feel free to let me know your opinions on them. As always, I’m open to any blog recommendations, and with that being said, see you next time!

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