Thursday 21 October 2021
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Vanessa’s Food Blog

Happy birthday to Vanessa Yakubu. Congratulations on inspiring young people through your articles and food blog. We know that your success will impact the world.

Vanessa Yakubu is making people hungry with her extraordinary blog, ‘Tasty Thyme’, where she posts recipes (some of which are suitable for vegans and vegetarians) and nutritional advice, she also reviews some of the news food trends and restaurants. Whatever you’re looking for, she’s got it!

From her blog alone, it is obvious that Vanessa is a ‘foodie’. In the about page of her blog, Vanessa mentions that her passion for food started when she started baking with her mum and sister when she was younger. She also mentions that her parents gave her the opportunity to visit a range of restaurants which allowed her to be exposed to good quality foods from various cultures. Vanessa’s impressive knowledge on different foods and restaurants and her appreciation for foods from other cultures, exhibit, not only her passion for food, but also her dedication to making sure that the reader is well informed about different food choices and diets such as vegetarianism, veganism and pescatarianism.

Tasty Thyme is a very informative blog with a myriad of interesting concepts. By reading the blog, the reader will share Vanessa’s passion for food. To visit the blog, go to

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