Saturday 25 September 2021
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Visit to Facebook: Women of Colour in Beauty

On 30th July, Keziah Connections hosted an event about women of colour in beauty at the Facebook Headquarters in London. There were many attendees, most of whom were looking to start their own business in the beauty industry, and there were four guest speakers: Freddie Harrel (entrepreneur and influencer who has been featured on Cosmopolitan), Dija Ayodele (aesthetician and founder of the Black Skin Directory), Monica Rastogi (Director of Cultural Relevancy and Regional Innovation at Estee Lauder), and Georgia Kelly(Strategic Partner Manager for Instagram).

Each guest all had important advice to give. Freddie reminded us the audience that whilst having good knowledge is good, it is not everything, instead in some cases intuition is more important.

“Intuition is much stronger than knowledge”

Freddie Harrel

Both Monica and Georgia reiterated the importance of diversity. Monica mentioned that the education of other cultures is very important as it enables us to embrace diversity and Georgia, who works specifically with content creators and influencers, said that it is important to recognise influencers of colour so that their work and communities can be championed. When asked about how to overcome challenges, Dija said something which was very powerful and resonated with the audience:

“Remember, nothing is a step back, it’s a plot change”

Dija Ayodele

I am very happy that I attended the event because I received amazing advice and encouragement from successful women and I also networked with women who were looking to start their own businesses or advance their career.

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