Thursday 21 October 2021
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Visiting Facebook HQ: A Tech Company with Universal Opportunities

Just under a fortnight ago, the ACES Editorial Team visited the London Headquarters of Facebook and I can say this trip was eye-opening experience. Facebook is a workplace like no other- the last things I expected to see there were a sweet bar, a canteen catered by Michelin star chefs and people walking in with jeans and flip flops! Seeing the casual dressing of employees highlighted how workplaces in general are advancing and realising quality of work is what matters above all within their business, placing less importance of non-essential aspects like a formal dress code. Speaking to Pearl Oguchi, the QA Lead for Facebook and our host for the HQ tour, highlighted that entering a tech company doesn’t isolate you into pursuing a technical career.

Working (and its benefits) in a Tech Company

Visiting the Facebook HQ emphasized the changing nature of our workplaces- no longer are we confined to our desks in crisp suits. It was clear to me that Facebook accepted people for however they felt comfortable, so long as they completed the work set for them.

At far as workplaces go, Facebook’s was very lively decked in various Halloween decorations and Halloween- inspired confectionary next to the sweet bar. Talking more with Pearl Oguchi revealed how Facebook support their workers, for example if 4 or more employees are going out together Facebook will contribute money towards the outing, in the aim of supporting employees communicating and knowing each other better. This also highlighted the advancement in the workplace as I perceive communication to be a crucial aspect of the smooth running of a business.

Halloween themed cakes

More Halloween themed confectionery











Whilst some may see this as unconventional, I saw this as inspiring as it showed how Facebook value the importance of having a life outside of work and also maintaining a good relationship with colleagues. What’s more, the food and drink stations on each floor, alongside sleeping pods, ensured that neither hunger or a lack of energy could hinder a worker’s productivity.

Mind board inside HQ

One of the many expressive posters inside Facebook











The Various Prospective Careers

Prior to this trip I, along with many others, assumed that a tech company like Facebook would only offer jobs related to the tech industry but this couldn’t be further from the truth. A tech companies offer a wide range of jobs ranging from the fields of design and healthcare to law, HR and marketing. Whilst the company was founded in technology, there are many various aspects that support the running of Facebook; for example, counsellors are used to ensure good mental well-being of workers, whilst lawyers are used to draw up and read over business contracts regarding the contract. These are just few of the job opportunities offered by Facebook. Nonetheless, there are also a range of careers related to STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) such as data science manager and software engineer. Not only do Facebook offer an assortment of careers, but also internships and university graduate programs which can lead to full-time employment within the company.

Outside Facebook HQ

Inside Facebook HQ











Why Should You Consider Working in Facebook (or any other tech company)

From reading this, it should be clear that working in Facebook does not limit you to a technology based career if your interest doesn’t lie in this field. The range of job prospects are just an aspect of why Facebook is a more than viable place of work. The international nature of the company reflects the international opportunities the company offers. If a change of scene is what you want whilst working for the company, you can relocate to a suitable role in one of the Facebooks’ many bases and the company will assist you in your move, including with acquiring a visa and settling the finances! My brief visit also solidified a quote on Facebook’s own page:

Our culture embraces people’s diverse perspectives and creates a positive environment where everyone belongs.

The workplace is changing rapidly and diversity is becoming more and more accepted- whether it is through a tech company not only offering tech jobs or being allowed to wear clothes of your choice within your workplace.













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