Where are they now : Dami

Could you describe in detail what you are doing right now?

Currently working for a financial technology company and a project manager. The role involves our original new clients those clients are in the form of asset managers and investment managers or investment banks and they basically use our software to manage their assets under portfolio and basically manage all their investments.

What university did you go? And what did you study there?

Attended the University of Essex and studied Economics there.

What was it like?

It was quite challenging but also really interesting. I always had an interest in economics way before I actually went to University. So, what I was doing was piqued my interest whilst I was there, in terms of tough deadlines and of exams and or what have you and just managing your day-to-day.

How exactly where you involved in ACES?

So, I was involved in a series of things from quite young I think from about 14 years old. So, ACES came to my school and they set up various workshops which involved going to universities talking about careers, having people come to speak to us about careers. Basically, just set you up for a bright future that was that the main aim to just let you know that your world is a lot bigger than school and there’s a lot of things to consider post-school and you start prepping for those things now that was their main focus.

 What was the most memorable thing to you about ACES?

I would say Donia. Really, it’s just the relationship that I have been fortunate enough to create with Donia. One thing I remember is when I finished A levels, she was one of the first people I spoke to post A levels, and we had a very frank discussion about where I was going to and what I was trying to do with my future and she’s just always been there.

What’s your biggest achievement to date?

Being the youngest person to ever manage a 5 million-pound projects at 20/21 years old. Yeah, sure. So, when I first started working, I was part of a project a smaller project that went really well. Then there was a guy who was actually part of a much larger project with that asset manager and he left the company to go to another company. The problem was all of my other colleagues were very much neck deep in their own projects and I was the only person available. I was as you can imagine pretty much scared to death when I got called. It was one of the more difficult projects, but my manager said that he would be there every step of the way and he would like to support me. I ended up having to go on site which meant I’ll spend four or five days a week with the client by myself and I pretty much manage the project with the client, and I’ll have weekly check-ins with my manager and seven months later. I had delivered a finished product.

What’s the biggest obstacle you think you’ve overcome?

Consistently planning. So quite early on in my career. I would just be very much focused with the day-to-day and just getting the job done but never looking at the overall. I would never define targets or my ambitions at the beginning of the year, and I wouldn’t go back and constantly redefine those goals essentially and that’s the one thing I’ve now learned to do. I’m constantly looking back at the goals, I set myself and redefining them. I’m actually working towards those goals rather than just doing the day-to-day.

Finally, what would you tell your 15-year-old self?

Be organized and consistent!

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