Thursday 21 October 2021
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WOC in beauty : Facebook HQ

Recently I was invited to attend a Keziah connections event at Facebook headquarters where I got to meet a panel of inspirational woman who gave really insightful information about the future and the world of makeup.


The panel consisted of Freddie Harrel a social media influencer, blogger and the founder of her own beauty brand. Some of the most interesting things I learnt from Freddie that day were “I am my second business”, meaning that you need to put as much effort into taking care of yourself as you put into your business and that nothing is ever personal when it comes to business.

On the panel there was the director of cultural relevancy at Estée Lauder – Monica Rastogi – she looks at how race and culture effects play a part in consumers needs and when asked about a significant thing she has learnt in this business she stated that women of colour are highly engaged in beauty but are frustrated that they are unable to buy their needed products but she also said something that really stuck with me. “Trust your intuition.”

And there was also Georgia Kelly a strategic partner manager at Instagram who described her job as a way to champion people in our community and give tools to influencers. We were also told that she can always learn so much from influencers because they communicate with their fans. My favourite piece of advice she gifted us with is “Do not compare yourself”.

There was also Dija Ayodele who is the founder of the black skin directory a skin care company aimed at women of colour in the United Kingdom. She was definitely the person I felt I resonated with the most because of the advice she gave. Such as “Feel powerful enough to speak up”, start building your network early and my personal favourite “Nothing is a setback it’s a plot change.”

Overall it was a really informative experience that gave deep insights into women in the business world and women of colour in the beauty industry.

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