Wednesday 28 October 2020
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Young Entrepreneur Changing Lives – Emma Amoafo

Young Entrepreneur and Medical student Emma Amoafo uses Fashion to Change Lives

This month in our enterprise section, we are focusing on the thriving fashion company of Emma Amoafo; ACES award recipient, medical student and talented young entrepreneur.

About Friday Born Designs


African-inspired accessories, clothes and costumes
in aid of Bless the Children International Home in Kwahu, Ghana

Friday Born Designs was started in January 2012 by Emma Amoafo, currently a fourth year medical student in London to raise money for Bless the Children International Home, an orphanage in Kwahu, Ghana. In July 2012, Friday Born Designs made its first donation to the orphanage, and hopes to do the same in Summer 2013 and beyond. It blends traditional African fabrics with the fresh styles of London to pay homage to the motherland.

Friday Born Designs strives to make African fashion relevant and esteemed by Africans and non-Africans in the UK and abroad. Friday Born Designs maintains that since the inspiration comes from Africa, it’s only fitting that the profits go back to help Africa’s children.


post_010814_2Diploid is Friday Born Designs’ third collection. ‘Diploid’ is a scientific term to describe the moment two parent cells with all their different genes come together to produce one completely different cell.

For Friday Born, it represents the amalgamation of Ghanaian and British “genes” to produce a new, fresh kind of style. And since its 10 outfits are made from five different fabrics, its like the whole collection is in pairs.

With many more fashion shows lined up for 2013, Friday Born Designs is set to make its mark in London, Ghana and beyond.






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